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Building blocks for creating a great network.

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Engage your users wherever they are.

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Customize the platform to match your needs.


Data management

Manage your Network Data on the go with your own networking app.

Content management

Add, update, and moderate your content with ease on the user friendly networking app.


Post news and share information through your networking app.

Media Center

Upload your latest pictures, Videos and share your calender it along your network.

Event management

Have robust event management tool to post and update events and manage attendee.


Your networking app can have appreciation, chatting and messaging tools.

Collaborations & opportunities

Members can share needs and classifieds through your networking app.

Job Board

Your app can also have job board for members to host and seek opportunities.


your new app cam support you create group have independent admins and event tools.

Our Platform

Customize the platform to match your community.

Define the sign-up mode you want

  • Choose whether your network is open to anyone or invite-only.
  • Choose whether users log in with an email, a social network, or an SSO..

Adapt your members’ profiles to your needs

  • Use the standard profile fields or create your own custom ones.
  • Decide what information is required and when your users should
    complete it.
  • Customize how profiles are organized in your platform.
  • Craft the perfect user profile for your community easily and directly.

Easily manage membership rights

  • All your users need not have the same access to your platform. Easily manage membership rights.
  • Create, allow different users groups, like students and alumni. have different access rights to your community.
  • offer privileges to paying members.

Choose which features are important for your community

  • Grow your community with features that benefits the most.
  • Our platform offers a wide set of features adapted to different types and sizes of community.
  • Choose which one to activate when you open the platform to your users.
  • Decide if you want to introduce new features to your community over time.

Build vibrant communities

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Quality Products

About Us

Our focus at Biz Brahma is to support you to have a strong community by providing technology support to build, manage and make money.

Have Your own branded mobile app

Mobile access for your members is critical. Your community’s mobile app will be available on the App Store and Google Play with your name, your logo, your colors, your brand.

Creating your own social network is a strong brand statement that will impress your users or members, boost your retention and increase brand loyalty. Going mobile means keeping your network of users, members or customers constantly connected to your organization Biz Brahma provides your own social network using native code for both Android and iOS mobile platforms with access to native device components and unparalleled performance.

With a white label social network customized to your brand, you will have your audience engaged. If you’re looking to monetize, Biz Brahma can offer you in-feed sponsored ads through our partner network.

We look at this venture like a partnership. You bring your community and vision and we bring of technology to bring it to digital life.


Premium Professional Platinum
Monthly price $23 /month
billed annually; $28 if monthly
$41 /month
billed annually; $36 if monthly
$79 /month
billed annually; $70 if monthly
Distributing your app Apple App Store & Google Play Store Apple App Store & Google Play Store Apple App Store & Google Play Store
Number of installed users 1 to 50 1 to 250 1 to 1000
Devices iPhone, iPad, Android iPhone, iPad, Android iPhone, iPad, Android
Customer support Priority Priority Premium phone & email
Push notifications
Web-based admin
Custom branding

Custom App

Here's how it works. A setup fee is required to get the social network customized to your needs. Setup fees vary based on platforms requirements, features selected, and customizations needed.

Get in Touch

Our experience of building various mobile application for social and business networking qualifies us to be your tech partner.

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